Honoring the origin of what we eat

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The Product - our promise brought to your plate

We are a family-owned, direct-to-consumer provider of premium meats and ranch provisions. We offer a link to an American legacy and the slow-food way of life.

See and taste the exceptional difference in our richly marbled, 100% American Angus prime beef and American Wagyu.

Our Meats

Every cut, every provision represents nearly 150 years of cattle ranching experience and the values instilled in us by our great-great-grandfather (to respect the lands and the animals that sustain us). We integrate modern, ethical technologies to merge our rich history with advancements available today. The end result: the American heritage experience, delivered directly to your door.

We source from our THREE ranches

Rugby, North Dakota

Platteville, COLORADO

Fort Scott, Kansas

Honor The Land

Honor the origin of what we eat, and the generations that follow us, by leaving these lands better than they were before.

Respect The Cycle

Our no-waste, whole-animal utilization supports ranch provisions like high quality cooking oils, pet treats made from smoked bone, and leather goods.

Eat With Intention

Raised slowly, without hormones or antibiotics, on healthy lands that provide exactly what our cattle need…flavor develops, naturally.

Nourishing Recipes