Our Heritage

Land and Family – a story of the American West

The story of Rugby Scott is a story of the American West.

It begins in 1884, on a rugged homestead in North Dakota where the Tuchscherer family puts down roots. This 160-acre piece of land lays the foundation for five generations of cattle ranchers. And this burgeoning, not-yet-settled community will become Rugby, North Dakota.

For over a century—in a tradition that continues today—the Tuchscherers raise livestock and sow crops to feed the family. They slowly expand their ranchland, parcel by parcel and callus by callus. They never waver from their great-great-grandfather’s legacy: to respect the land, leaving nature’s wide-open spaces better than before they worked them; raising animals naturally and humanely; and bringing real, nourishing food to the table.

Our story continues 900 miles south and decades later in Fort Scott, where the vast plains meet tallgrass prairies. The Tuchscherer family has brought its cattle raising tradition to Kansas. Friends, family, and locals begin asking to buy these flavorful, premium quality meats.

Jump to 2007, Dr. Ryan “Tuck” Tuchscherer—great-great-grandson of the family—is living in Denver, specializing in care for professional athletes. Like his father before him (a rancher and a pharmacist who owned a chain of southern drug stores from Kansas to Texas), he splits his time tending the ranch and administering health care, swapping scrubs for boots depending on the season.

When he’s in Denver, the family ships Tuck rib-eyes and sirloins from the ranch because they know there’s nothing like it on the market. Not for health, not for flavor. And just like in Kansas, friends ask Tuck where they, too, can get the flavorful, premium quality meats served at his dinner table. It wasn’t long before the Tuchscherer ranch lands found their way to Colorado.

Ranching is more than raising cattle. It’s an American tradition unbound by time, built on a singular wisdom passed down for generations. It brings friends and family to the table, where nourishment and stories are shared. Inspired by how his family’s ranching roots so deeply connected with others, Tuck decided to pioneer a new way to bring this history to more people.

From Rugby, North Dakota to Fort Scott, Kansas, and ultimately your home. Rugby Scott is the American heritage experience, delivered to your front door. Built by the callused hands of five generations of cattle farmers—and enriched with the wisdom that alone can offer.

The Promise - bringing the American heritage experience to your door

You don’t need to be a cattle rancher to connect directly with the lands that sustain us – Rugby Scott brings the American heritage experience to your door.

And as we do, we promise to:

Honor the origin of what we eat, and the generations that follow us, by leaving these lands better than they were before.

Share our wisdom generously. The hard knock lessons learned through more than a century of ranching are earned, not owned.

Provide a nourishing, humane, and ethical environment for cattle to graze and grow at their natural pace.

Never sacrifice exceptional flavor—because we don’t have to. Raised slowly, without hormones or antibiotics, on healthy lands that provide exactly what our cattle need…flavor develops, naturally.

Help our culture reconnect with an American legacy by providing a direct line to our cattle ranching roots and the slow-food way of life.

Own the process. We are and will remain hands-on from calving to harvesting. That is how we honor the promises we make.